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ROAR Practice Emphasis at a Glance

ROAR is aquatic skill development in a positive learning environment. To that end, ROAR provides a week by week schedule that shows what skills will be emphasized so that our athletes can benefit from total skill coverage and also plan ahead.

Weeks of November 30 and December 7 - Passing and Shooting (Water Polo)

Week of December 14 - Counter Attack and Fast Breaks (Water Polo)

Week of December 21 and December 28 - Break

Week of January 4 - Drives and Picks (Water Polo)

Week of January 11 - Freestyle and Breaststroke (Swimming)

Week of January 18 - Starts and Turns (Swimming)

Week of January 25 - Butterfly and Backstroke (Swimming)

Don't Forget - Nights to ROAR - December 11, January 15, and January 29!