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ROAR Upcoming Schedule!!

Night to ROAR #2 is tomorrow night from 5-6:30 at NDB!!!

We will have practices next week - Monday and Wednesday (FINALS Week!!) I realize that attendance may be a little light, but I wanted to provide practices for those who need a break from studying!!

ROAR will be on break from December 26 - January 13! Have a wonderful Holiday!!!

Back to practices the week of January 16 - Monday and Wednesday.

West Valley 16U Girls Tournament on Sunday, January 22 (schedule is still TDB)

We will finish the season with practices the week of January 23 - Monday, Wednesday and Night to ROAR #3 on Friday, 1/27!!


Awesome ROAR Winter Session Completed!!!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the very first Winter Session of ROAR!!

What a blast!!

Stay tuned for more information on the Summer Session of ROAR! Details soon!!

I am looking forward to seeing everyone participating with their high schools in the spring! Good luck to all!

in the meantime, enjoy some Photos from our winter session - Nights to ROAR!!

Thank you!!!