ROAR SUMMER 2019 - Practice Emphasis at a Glance

ROAR is aquatic skill development in a positive learning environment. To that end, ROAR provides a week by week schedule that shows what skills will be emphasized so that our athletes can benefit from total skill coverage and also plan ahead.

Week of JUNE 10 - Defense/6 on 5 (Water Polo)

Week of JUNE 17 - Read Zone/Front-court Offense (Water Polo)

Week of JUNE 24 - Drives and Picks (Water Polo)

Week of JULY 1 - Drives and Picks (Water Polo)

Week of JULY 8- Read Zone/Front Court Offense (Water Polo)

Week of JULY 15 - Game Play (Water Polo)

Week of JULY 22 - Game Play (Water Polo)

Don't Forget - Nights to ROAR - JUNE 27, JULY 11, AND JULY 19!!!